Citation for Chapter I gave you.

If you are using the chapter I gave you to read for your research paper here is the information for the works cited page.

Spielvogel, Jackson J. “Ancient Egypt.” Glencoe World History: Journey through Time :. New York: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2005. 34-75. Print.


Welcome to Middle School Social Studies

First off let me start by introducing myself to everyone. My name is Ms. Karney. I am the 6th Grade Social Studies teacher at STEM Early High School. I am glad to be in North Carolina and look forward to a great school year. 

U.S Geography

This website not only shows the students U.S Geography but also test them to see how much they absorb of the information presented in the website. This is a good interactive website that can be used in the classroom in small groups or as a review before a test. The website also has different levels being presented from beginner to expert. The teacher can use this website to get the student a fun an interactive way to learn U.S geography. The website gives the student a way to analyze and evaluate how much information they are absorbing before the test. I think this would be a great tool to use in the classroom to help the student get into the learning of geography without having to just sit and listen to the teacher talk about the capitals of states.

To access the website click here: US Geography

RSS Technology

RSS technology (Real Simple Syndication) can be useful in my classroom because I can use it to help me sort through all the useful current events to my subject matter. By using RSS I can see the useful current events and bring them into my classroom. Social Studies is not just about the past but the present as well and by using this technology I can bring in useful current events into my classroom without having to skim through all th websites this is done for me by this technology. Also I can have all my students’ blogs in one spot and I don’t have to go from one blog to another because they would be all in one spot.


The RSS website I am using is Blogline.


The blog’s I am following are:

Ashley Allison

Alvin Trusty

Amy Heard

Sam Boehnlein

Cole Harting